Screen printing

The technology of screen printing in contrast to other types of printing, allows work not only with paper, but also plastics, wood, self-adhesive PVC foils, textile, metal, glass, leather and other materials. Prints can be made as well on irregular shaped objects like bottles, pens, lighters, boxes, covers, etc.

Advantage of this kind of printing is the properties of the ink which is being used. It could be imbued so that the imprint/impress can gain relief. The inks for screen printing are dense, with high coverage and resistance, saturated with high brightness. All these qualities make them protected from the UV rays of the sun and the colors keep their brightness for longer period of time. The screen printing allows use of various effects as multicolored glitters, glitters with different metallic gleams, pearly and sandy effect, phosphorescent luminous effect, scratch-off (abrasive) effect, volume or relief effect, etc.

The screen printing is convenient/suitable for inscribing of souvenirs, posters, billboards, boxes, signs, decorating of clothes or other textile products, self-adhesive PVC or paper stickers and decals, folders, paper bags, labels for products of the cosmetics industry, labels for bottles, postcards, flyers, calendars, business cards and many others.