Printing with inks with various special effects

Termochromic effect, Glitter effect, Aroma ink, Velvet effect, Changing colors effect, Sand effect, “Wet and see” effect, Mirror effect, etc.

Inks with termochromic effect: after printing and drying they become transparent after contact with body with temperature over 31C.

Glitters with various colors and reflections, fluorescent and iridescent effects. The glitters can be mixed with inks for textile or graphic printing.

The Aromatic ink is water based ink. It is suitable for paper and cardboard and can also be colored.

Velvet effect – water based semi-transparent varnish, designed to create velvet or peach effect.

Changing colors effect – these are transparent varnishes that appear in different colors depending on the angle of view.

Sand effect – UV varnish which gives the appearance of folded surface (sand or orange peel).

“Wet and see” is white water-based ink that appears when wet.

Mirror effect – the ink with silver lustre is solvent based and is suitable for mirror effect and look through reverse printing.