Special place in our production takes the manufacturing of foil keypads and front panels for various electronic devices as vending machines, cash machines, alarm systems, etc. Important part of this production is the design and the precise performance of each article as we use high quality materials, foils, inks, buttons and keys, connectors, domes and light emitting diodes.

The products are as follows:

  • Flexible
  • On PCB or printed circuit board
  • Tactile
  • Sensor
  • With EL (electroluminescent) backlightning

General scheme

Frontage with buttons for interaction
Contact pads

Flex membrane keypads/switches

Flat embossed membrane switches

Flat – bumped membrane switches
Spheric-bumped membrane switches
Contour – bumped membrane switches
Flat switches with metal dome
Bumped/Embossed switches with metal dome
Flat switches with SMD-LED
Bumped/Embossed switches with SMD-LED

Switches/Keypads on PCB or printed circuit board

On PCB/printed circuit board without metal board
On PCB/printed circuit board with metal board

Technical specifications

Material Front panel
Foil Switches/Keypads 
Contact resistance <100 Ohm (depending on the thickness and length of the device)
Time for reaction <5 msec. (depending on the technical structure of the key)
Life 1 million and more
Pressure strenght 2.8-3.3 N (depending on the thickness of the material)
Isolation >10*е8 Ohms (500V) Max. voltage 30V
Max. power supply 30mA Allowable Temperature -20/ +70 °C
Corrosion protection Silver circuit (strips), additionally protected with carbon print